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Online Make-up lessons

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Make up lessons are a great way to update your look and keep in touch with current make up trends.  People can get stuck in a rut and lessons are a great way to change up your appearance.  Whatever your stage in life, I can adapt a make-up lesson to your needs whether you need help applying basic make up, advanced make up or want help with something you find difficult e.g. applying lashes, the lesson can be tailored to your needs. I offer unbiased make up advice and can suggest make up to suit all budgets. After individual make up lessons I send a list of products used/suggested products and identify gaps in your make up bag. Make up lessons are available for groups or on a one to one basis. Here are some suggested make up lessons;

Polished Professional

Have you got a busy career and want to up your game on the make up front? As you progress in your career it is important to exude confidence – there is no better way to do it then with make-up. Make up can have such a positive effect on our self confidence leaving you free to concentrate on your work. Whether you are a complete novice and don’t wear make-up or would like to progress and learn more advanced techniques a lesson can be tailored to you and your needs. Learn how to change up your make up to go from the office to an event with a few make up tips and techniques. (1 hour)

Mature Ladies

A make-up lesson for mature ladies is a great way to update and tweak your make up routine. As we age make up that may have suited us some years ago may not suit us now, I provide expert advice on application and suitable products to use. (1 hour)

Brides to Be

Maybe you are a bride that is getting married in the immediate future, with covid restrictions unfortunately make-up artists are not allowed to be part of your big day at the moment. Perhaps you are having a small wedding and a make-up artist is out of your budget? Learn how to apply your wedding make up from your skin care prep to what products, colours and techniques should be used so that your make up will last all day and photograph beautifully. (1 hour 30 mins)

School Mums on the run

Do you find it hard to get out the door in the morning looking presentable? Do you want some quick and easy tips and techniques that will leave you looking polished and ready for whatever the day will throw at you? This lesson is designed to make your life easy and shows you what products and make up brushes are the best to use in a hurry, what is suitable for your features and skin type using colour theory and other techniques. This is also suitable for people who are just back to work after maternity leave. (1 hour)Party Glam

A make up Learn how to create the perfect glam party make up that will last all night, I will show you lots of make-up tips and techniques. Master applying strip or individual false lashes. Shine bright like a diamond! (1 hour)

Party Glam

Learn how to create the perfect party make up that will last all night with lots of make-up tips and techniques. Do you struggle with applying strip or individual lashes? Fear not I will have you sorted in no time. (1 hour)


A make up lesson is highly beneficial for teenagers. I can offer an invaluable insight into what skincare, foundations and make up products suit their skin, how to colour match foundation and how to use products correctly. Learn how less is more and how to blend properly! (1 hour)

Skincare & make up lesson

With my background in skincare I can offer unbiased skincare advice for your skin type and identify what skincare products are missing from your routine. I can also recommend skin care specialists if need be. Create the perfect canvas for your make-up, skin preparation is key - your make-up goes on better and the finish looks amazing. The make up lesson will then be tailored to your needs. (1 hour 30 mins)

Make up bag edit & lesson

I can also do an unbiased make up bag edit to ensure your products are working hard for you, that you have the right make-up and brushes for the job and most importantly you know how to use the products.  Often people buy products that are not suitable for their skin type or that are not very effective.  We waste so much money on poor purchases, now this will all be a thing of the past, so you can shop smarter and save yourself money. I will advise on products that are suitable for you, your skin type, your face shape and features.  (1 hour 30 mins)

Currently I am offering Zoom make up lessons individually or for groups of four or six.  Get in touch to book and to discuss your requirements, a zoom link will be sent out for your scheduled booking. Invest in yourself and learn a new skill for life and save money by eliminating make up purchase mistakes. Make up lessons make the perfect Christmas or birthday gift!

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