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Caroline Hirons/Pixi Double Cleanse

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

11th October 2017

I am in love...... I waited for so long to try this double cleanse product by skincare guru Caroline Hirons who has collaborated with Pixi skincare.  This cleanser launched about 6 months ago but I only recently got my hands on it as it sells out the minute it gets restocked on shelves - partly due to hype from Caroline Hirons followers and also because it is a damn good product.

The cleanser is made up of an oil based balm on one side which liquifies any makeup/sunscreen you may have on extremely effectively and gently by massaging the product into the skin, this is then rinsed off with a facecloth or muslin cloth and the cleanser on the second side is applied and massaged into the face for a few minutes then removed with a facecloth or muslin cloth.  The results are amazingly soft and glowing skin, your skin feels so clean and most importantly it is not tight after cleansing which is a big bugbear of mine.  This is due to the moisturising properties of the cleansers...

Double cleansing #doublecleansing gained a lot of traction in the media recently due to bloggers like Caroline Hirons and the explosion of Korean skincare on western markets but in reality it has been around forever.  When you go for a facial in a salon you are always double cleansed at least once during the course of your facial which adds to the results of the facial along with all the other products that are applied during the facial. It has many benefits it gets rid of grime that sits on top of your skin, along with excess oil, dead skin and makeup. Double-cleansing is essential if you live in a polluted climate (which is basically any city living) or if you wear a lot of sunscreen as these can leave deposits that are hard to get off. If you double cleanse you will reap the benefits as moisturizing serums and creams will be absorbed much more easily.

Cleansing is such an important step of your skincare regime and to be honest there is no point in spending a lot of money on creams and serums and make up if this first step is not done properly.  Creams and serums are absorbed so much better on a perfectly clean, exfoliated skin. Not to mention make up which sits on top of this.  I'm sure you are all familiar with dry patches on your skin which sits awfully under make up.  This is due to not cleansing and exfoliating properly, you also you need to make sure your make up brushes are spotlessly clean, so there is no build up of bacteria on your brushes (more about this in another blog post).

Some of the cleansers I come back to time and time again like old lovers are Liz Earle cleanse & polish, french brands - such as Nuxe, Decleor and Elemis, Dermalogica and Emma Hardie Moringa cleanser - very expensive but divine!

I know for sure the Caroline Hirons/Pixi double cleanse #Carolinehironspixidoublecleanse will be a regular in my skincare regime it's that good.  Go on try it, you won't be disappointed you did!  I eventually got mine in Marks and Spencer Dundrum, they had been trying to get it in normal stock levels but were only sent one or two every few weeks.  Apparently this has been sorted and it should be available on a continuous basis now.

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